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Annual Meeting 2020 update

- Church News

Dear Members and Friends,

We love hearing from so many of you in response to The Mother Church’s invitation to Annual Meeting on June 8, 2020. Consequent to the restrictions on travel and gatherings that we’re all experiencing this spring due to the pandemic, the decision has been made to conduct Annual Meeting 2020 online only. You can find updated information at 

This year’s theme, Our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind, invites our attention as never before! We’re hearing of more devoted prayer and new views of Church. There is more alertness to the aggressive and subtle ways in which fear and false systems of thought try to dominate mankind. This conscious contribution as spiritual thinkers is vital. It fosters progress and healing for all.

All are invited to listen to a special podcast with the Christian Science Board of Directors discussing the updates, our theme, and the forward progress of the Church during these times. This audio program is available at

We look forward to being with you online in June! We’ll join together through prayer, both silent and audible, through music, through global reports from the Field, and through the reports and insights shared by the officers of The Mother Church. Although separated by time and space, we are connected in our at-one-ment with God—with infinite Mind, Love, Spirit.  

Arms round you all as we continue to unite in dedicated prayer for this year’s meeting and for our world, 

Laurie Q. Richardson
Clerk of The Mother Church

Join us online via live video webcast
Monday, June 8
1:00–3:00 p.m. (EDT)
Annual Meeting of The Mother Church
Our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind

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