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New Clerk of The Mother Church

- Church News

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

We are very pleased to announce that effective January 6, 2015, Suzanne Riedel, CSB, of Denver, Colorado, will gather her love for Christ-healing, for this Church, and for humanity, and will pour it into her new role as Clerk of The Mother Church. The Christian Science Board of Directors elected Suzanne to the position of Clerk with the feeling that at present there is need for a full-time Clerk in addition to five full-time Directors and a full-time Treasurer. Lyle Young, CSB, who has served as Clerk since November 4, 2013, while also serving as a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors, will step down as Clerk and continue to serve on the Board, giving his full attention to that important work.

Suzanne has written: “Finding Christian Science as a 20-year-old was the result of looking for years for spiritual answers to what’s really true. My first healing experience was life-changing, and others followed as I learned what God knew and caused, rather than what human thinking thought it knew. Mary Baker Eddy’s opening sentence in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in the ‘Preface’ is more than a comfort—it is a prerequisite for our learning! We must lean on God to live reality."

A wife, a mother, an educator in public schools, Suzanne then served in the office of the Committee on Publication at The Mother Church before becoming a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner and teacher. She has connected heart to heart with many through her national and international lecturing on Christian Science.

The Board is asking Suzanne to focus particularly on strengthening membership and its engagement in healing, as well as coordinating communication among departments at The Mother Church and with the global field of Mother Church members through our website,, and other communication venues. It is a delight to welcome Suzanne. 

We know that our Church will feel the healing and revitalizing effect of all of us working together in fresh ways to strengthen each other and our collective work for humanity.

With love and gratitude for you all,


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