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Revised German translation of Science and Health

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March 21, 2012. The Office of the Publisher’s Agent, Mary Baker Eddy’s Writings, has just announced the revised German translation of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as well as a change in the Bible used in this translation.

Wissenschaft und Gesundheit mit Schlüssel zur Heiligen Schrift

The revised German translation of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is now available!

Major Revision

Modern languages evolve as their speakers encounter new ideas. When conveying the ideas of Christian Science, they may need new vocabulary or flexibility to clearly and precisely communicate its radical statements regarding God, man, and the universe. Thus, translating Science and Health, what the author refers to as “… the complete statement of Christian Science, … ” (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 37), requires a remarkable amount of ingenuity and inspiration when conveying the ideas in a language for the first time. Over time, subsequent revisions then draw on the previous translation and the growth and inspiration it impelled to deliver a more precise rendering of the original English text.

These revisions are a natural step in the evolution not only of the language, but also in the increased ability of Christian Scientists who speak that language to contribute substantially to the translation work. As with any translation of Science and Health, the goal of the translation is to represent Mary Baker Eddy’s original English text as clearly and accurately as possible. We are immensely grateful for the quality and care that previous translations show in this regard and the important foundational work they provided.

It is with great joy that we introduce this new German translation of Science and Health, which builds on the abundance of good work that came before it. We are especially grateful for the tremendous support, suggestions, and feedback received from German-speaking members regarding every aspect of this new translation. This has been a long-cherished project for several years, and on behalf of the more than 50 people substantially involved with bringing this translation forward, we hope you’ll enjoy reading it and sharing it with friends.

Bible Change

The selection of a Bible is critical when translating Science and Health, as there are more than 800 scriptural quotations in our textbook. Ensuring the two books of our Pastor match allows for clearer unity of language between the Bible and the textbook. This actively supports and enriches both individual study as well as church services in languages other than English.

During the course of the project a new German translation of the Bible surfaced. Reviewers found this new translation, the NeueLuther Bibel, to more closely align with the King James Version, which Mrs. Eddy so extensively quotes throughout her published writings. Thus, the decision was made to change the authorized Bible for the German-speaking field from the Luther Bible to the NeueLuther Bibel. Additionally, the publisher of the NeueLuther Bibel graciously agreed to its use in a German full-text version of the Christian Science Quarterly.

New Covers

In considering the feedback provided by many members of the German-speaking field, our goal was to create a cover design that would include and unify. We were aware of preferences that the cover match the new Bible, that it look pleasing on a shelf to both members and nonmembers alike, and be a welcoming, inclusive book in every way—a beautiful book to ably represent the beautiful content inside.

In addition to hardcover and paperback, the new translation will also be bound in leather. This will be the first leather edition of a translation of Science and Health in decades and is intended to match the navy leather edition of the NeueLuther Bibel. Hardcover and paperback editions are now shipping. (The leather edition will be available soon.)

-- Office of the Publisher’s Agent, Mary Baker Eddy’s Writings

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