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The Christian Science Monitor’s role in your healing practice

- Church News

Dear Church Family,

We’re writing to invite each branch church and society to come together as a membership to engage in an in-depth discussion of the role The Christian Science Monitor has in each member’s healing practice. To offer some structure for your meeting, we have compiled a 30-minute video (Video High, Video LowAudio Only) using footage of Monitor writers, editors, and publishing staff sharing their perspectives on this important topic.

Both last year’s and this year’s continuing theme for the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church is “A Spiritual Foundation of Christ-healing.” It comes from page 136 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, where Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Jesus established his church and maintained his mission on a spiritual foundation of Christ-healing.”

This theme represents a renewed dedication to Christ-healing as the foundation of our Church, and it extends well beyond Annual Meeting. In fact, you may already be familiar with meetings taking place in the Field in support of Christian Science nursing, branch church activity, the practice, and The Christian Science Monitor. This video, and the invitation to join together as a membership to view and discuss it, serves as a way for each branch or society to host their own meeting in support of the Monitor and our individual healing practice as Christian Scientists.

For some, the connection between The Christian Science Monitor and a strengthened healing practice may not be immediately obvious. In fact, one occasionally hears even Christian Scientists refer to the Monitor as a secular, or nonreligious, activity of our Church. But we don’t believe Mrs. Eddy ever saw it that way. Your meeting will provide an opportunity to think together about the spiritual mission of the Monitor, how we all can be more active in metaphysically working to support its progress, and how it in turn supports our healing practice.

In preparation for your gathering, please give some thought to this question:

Did our Leader consider engagement with The Christian Science Monitor to be essential to Christian Scientists’ spiritual progress?

After you’ve had the chance to watch the video, we expect your discussion and prayer will bring fresh insights about the Monitor and its role in your healing practice. We would love to hear any thoughts you’d like to share, so please send them to


Lyon Osborn, Scott Preller, Margaret Rogers
Trustees of The Christian Science Publishing Society

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