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From the January 1885 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A Flower unblown; a Book unread; A Tree with fruit unharvested; A Path untrod; a House whose rooms Lack yet the heart's divine perfumes; A Landscape whose wide border lies In silent shade 'neath silent skies; A wondrous Fountain yet unsealed; A Casket with its gifts concealed; This is the year that for you waits, Beyond to-morrow's mystic gates. Oh! may this Flower unfold to you Visions of beauty, sweet and new; This Book on golden pages trace Your sacred joys, and deeds of grace; May all the fruits of this strange tree Luscious and rosy-tinted be; This Path through fields of knowledge go; This House with love's content o'erflow; This Landscape glitter with the dew Of blessed hope and friendships true; This Fountain's living crystal cheer, As fail the springs that once were dear; This Casket with such gems be stored As shine in lives that love the Lord.