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It is five years since I was first healed by Christian Science...

From the September 1904 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is five years since I was first healed by Christian Science of many physical and mental discords, having been in constant pain many years. I was out of tune with all my surroundings; being sensitive, I was always taking offence, but usually concealed this condition. Many of my ills seemed incomprehensible to the physicians. I was told there was not an organ in my body that was in a normal condition,— a floating kidney, an enlarged liver, a large lump in the abdomen, displacement and irregularities. I used plasters and blisters without, and medicines innumerable within, and was always worse,— so sore without and within that clothes were a burden. I was told that an operation was imperative, but there were no promises of help, only it must be done at once.

My sister then talked about Christian Science to me, but I thought it was not for people in my condition. I was not at all afraid of an operation, for I was in hopes that it would end my suffering, but to please my husband, who was afraid of it, I tried Christian Science first, thinking I would need to have the operation afterward. From the first treatment I knew I could be healed. The practitioner lent me "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and I read it day and night. I think I saw her three times. She treated me about six weeks and I felt as if nothing would ever trouble me again. She told me of the Christian Science Church on the North Side where I lived, and I was present at the first service in the Jewish synagogue which the church used for temporary quarters.

I had begun the study or investigation of spiritualism and theosophy just before this, and for a time they all seemed to be a part of the same truth, but not for long. I soon reached the parting of the ways, and began to understand that "by their fruits ye shall know them" was the rule to go by. I have had many beautiful demonstrations in Christian Science, and at the very first some that were instantaneous. I then took class instruction, and can better understand how sin should be destroyed to make all healing permanent. From the time of my healing I have had an undercurrent of song in my heart all the time, knowing that no matter what is the form of error that seems to come, Truth is stronger and will destroy it, and it has no more terror for me.

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