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Testimonies of Healing

When I was but a child, a friend of my mother...

From the September 1904 issue of The Christian Science Journal

WHEN I was but a child, a friend of my mother visited us, bringing with her some Christian Science literature. I do not remember that she talked upon the subject, but one day she handed me one of her books, remarking that I might find something interesting in it. I read several pages, but do not recall anything that I read except these words, "There is in every heart an aching void which the world can never fill." I never forgot those words, and as I grew older they came to me with greater force, for in my own experience I found myself at times longing for something which I felt that the world could not give. I united with an orthodox church, thinking I would perhaps find there what I seemed to lack. For a time I was comparatively happy and content, for I did believe in God and the Bible, although I could not think just as others did about many things. I would often find a passage of Scripture which so puzzled me that I would ask my minister to explain, and he would usually answer, "That is not for us to understand; we can understand enough to be saved, and that is sufficient." I could not see why it was there if it was to be of no use to us; but all I could do was to lay it all aside and try to think no more of it.

After my marriage I began to study my Bible in earnest. My husband's people were infidels, and I saw a good deal of their literature, and while I disliked much of it,— the ridicule, caricatures, etc.,— I could not help but see that the Bible contained many things which were hard to reconcile with reason, and there seemed to be many contradictions. I did not, however, lose confidence in God or the Bible, but would always exclaim, "I know the Bible is all right if we could tut understand it." But how to gain that understanding was the question. For over two years my earnest desire and prayer was that I might find a key to the Scriptures: and I began to study everything I could hear of and obtain which claimed to interpret the Bible, but none of these satisfied me. About this time I visited a friend in a neighboring town, and she told me her friends next door were Christian Scientists. I was interested at once and expressed a desire to talk with them. We called that evening, and never shall I forget that hour. I was so uplifted, strengthened, and satisfied by what the dear Scientist said to me. I never doubted for one moment that I had found the truth through which I could gain understanding and a clear interpretation of the Bible, that for which I had been searching so long. Then the peace "which passeth all understanding" came to me. For weeks I was treading on air, as it were, and the words which the Scientist had used,— "God is All,"— rang in my ears continually. I soon purchased a copy of Science and Health and began studying it in connection with my Bible. I was satisfied. I had found the "Key."

My health had not been good for some time, and one ailment had troubled me for years, rnedicine and surgery having failed to bring relief. Soon all bad feelings began to pass away, and I can at last say I am healed of the old ailment. Although it was slow to yield entirely, I was so much helped from the first that I never doubted God's power to make me whole.

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