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From the August 1905 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Sometimes the statement is made: I belong to a Christian church, and have prayed repeatedly and earnestly to God to be relieved of physical distresses, and my prayers have remained unanswered how can you Christian Scientists rely on the efficacy of prayer to overcome physical sicknesses? At other times the question is put thus: Why are not the prayers of the members of other Christian denominations as effectual for the healing of the sick as are the prayers of Christian Scientists? If God does not answer our prayers in such cases, when we pray to Him fervently and sincerely as Christians, what right have you to expect us to have any faith in your prayers as Christian Scientists? We may ask if those who put such questions pray to the true and only God, or do they pray to a supposititious deity who has no existence? If they pray to a non-existing God, whom they "ignorantly worship" because of false teachings, their questions need no further answer than the pointing out of this fact. If they pray to a man-like God, and no such God exist; if they pray to a God who is man-like in His notions of justice, truth, love, punishment, and so forth, and God be infinite Love, Spirit, Truth, Life, then is it not clear that they pray amiss? For argument's sake, let us put the case strongly.