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[Written for the Journal.]


From the October 1909 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The morning sun is smiling through my window, And bids me rise: The birds are singing songs of life and beauty; How blue the skies! The night is spent; the shadows lose their seeming; Into my consciousness the truth is streaming! So real night seemed,—and yet I was but dreaming, And dreams are lies! I dream of sin and suffering and crying,— Heard voices call: Oh, I am lost! and one, O God, I'm dying! Help, or I fall! These idle dreams, whose warp and woof are rotten; This chaos, night, of mortal mind begotten; It ne'er was true: I only had forgotten That God is All! But night is passing with its dreams and terror, Its toil and strife: We hear above the dying din of error, The psalm of Life! The errors must unmask! The day is nearing! The angels song, though faint, is sweet and cheering; The shepherds watch for Truth's full-orbed appearing, The deathless life!