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From the October 1909 issue of The Christian Science Journal

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE strongly emphasizes the necessity of right thinking before mankind can be happy or harmonious, and the question naturally arises, What is right thought? It is plain that the wilful sinner, the profligate, and the criminal are not right thinkers or they would not be wrong doers; but what of those who wilfully do no wrong, who maintain a high standard of morality, and yet experience suffering and misfortune? What of those whose lives are even saintly, who bless mankind by their noble works and exalted characters, and yet are afflicted with disease or disaster? How can these be said to suffer because of erroneous thought? Human thought, as is well known, is largely directed by the theories and beliefs which are handed down from generation to generation. Thought, like water, flows in the old channels until new and better ones are provided.