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[Translated from the German]

During my stay at Berlin in May, 1909, my attention...

From the March 1911 issue of The Christian Science Journal

During my stay at Berlin in May, 1909, my attention was drawn to Christian Science. My love for my mother, who was very sick at that time, led me to attend a Wednesday evening meeting, and on the following day I called on a practitioner with the hope that through the ministry of Christian Science my mother might be saved. I understood at once what I was told about this Christly work, and made up my mind to give it a trial for myself. I had been struggling for six months with loss of voice, and was very anxious to have this condition removed, as I was studying singing. With the practitioner's kind help this defect was healed' within a fortnight. I then asked for further treatment, and within a few weeks was completely healed of stubborn bronchitis, which had caused me considerable trouble for a whole year, also of a stomach and bowel disorder.

I am grateful with all my heart for these manifestations of physical healing, but I feel that I owe a much larger debt of gratitude to the All-good for the spiritual healing which has come to me, Although my parents had given me everything in an intellectual and educational way that I could wish for and that seemed worth knowing, yet discontent and peevishness were my constant companions, and I was continually looking for something better. — I was seeking that which would bring me full satisfaction and peace. I feel that divine Love has led me to find the right way. and I know that I shall continue to strive after the truth without wavering.

Next to God. I am thankful to our revered Leader. Mrs. Eddy, for having helped me to draw nearer unto salvation, — unto Life, Truth, and Love.