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NOT long ago I read in the Monitor these words from...

From the March 1911 issue of The Christian Science Journal

NOT long ago I read in the Monitor these words from Seneca: "He who has conferred a kindness should be silent; he who has received one should speak of it." Surely, then, I must speak of the "kindness" I have received, — of restoration from invalidism to perfect health. Even "kindness" seems a poor word to describe what has come to me, and gratitude a poor word to describe what I fee!; but there do not seem to be any words in the English language which would adequately describe these two things.

Two years ago I was an invalid, spending most of my time on the sofa or in bed, having very severe internal complaints, being unable to walk any distance, and always in terrible pain. This state of things had been going on for about a year, ever since the birth of my second child, and I was beginning to fee! very desperate. My husband sent me home to London (we were living in Japan), to consult a specialist, but I was told that nothing could be done for me except a dreadful operation: this, however, was not advised. The pain was so severe at times that it seemed unbearable, but the doctor told me I must either bear it or take an opiate, and I was afraid to do this latter. Then I thought of Christian Science. I knew nothing whatsoever about it. except that it claimed to heal where doctors had failed: but after being advised by a friend to try it, I decided to do so.

The change it has made in my life is simply wonderful. From being an invalid, I have been transformed into a perfectly healthy woman, able to play tennis and golf, bicycle, and in short to do anything that comes up to be done, which proves how complete has been my healing. In addition to all this, the spiritual understanding that has come to me is an indescribable joy, and I see now that the joy caused by the release from pain and weakness was but the first step toward much greater joys, — to a wonderful peace, and a surety of God's loving care at all times and under all conditions.