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I thank God that I too can be called a Christian Scientist

From the March 1911 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I thank God that I too can be called a Christian Scientist. Although but an infant in this study, I have much for which to be grateful. For many weary years I had been a sufferer from nervous, stomach, and bowel trouble, being almost unable to eat, drink, or sleep. I could not retain my food, or if I did it caused me intense pain and distress, which frequently terminated with convulsions. I had many physicians, among them some of the most noted specialists in New York city, but none seemed able to cure me. Becoming discouraged with medical aid in general, I refused treatment for one whole year, deciding to bow to the inevitable.

My dear ones, however, insisted upon my trying a new specialist, which I did with great reluctance. After being under this doctor's close observation and treatment for two weeks, and receiving no benefit, he finally concluded to examine me in the presence of another specialist, and they both agreed that the appendix must be removed. Not being in the proper condition to undergo the operation, I was advised to go to a summer resort to gain strength, and come back in the early fall for the operation. I became reconciled to the proposition, but in the two weeks following I grew so miserable that I went to the doctor and begged for something to relieve me. In this two weeks I had become greatly reduced in weight. It was decided to operate at once, and my family was informed that the doctors feared I would not survive the summer. The operation was performed on June 24, 1907, but on July 4, when the first solid food was given me, I could not retain it. Feeling that my last hope was gone, and suffering dreadfully from sleeplessness, I often found myself planning how I could end it all without disgracing my loved ones.

It was early in December. 1907, that I was advised by a dear friend to try Christian Science. At first I ridiculed the idea, but finally decided I had nothing to lose. I then turned to Science as a drowning man grasps at a straw, and received my first treatment Dec. 19. In less than ten days Christian Science had done for me more than the medical fraternity, including surgery, had accomplished in ten years. From that date to this I have with few exceptions been scarcely aware that I am the possessor of either nerves or stomach, where formerly they were my cruel masters. I have also gained greatly in weight. But, wonderful and beautiful as I considered this physical healing, it is nothing compared to the gratitude I feel for the spiritual understanding of God and man that has come to me through the study and revelation of Christian Science. Having been born and educated in the Hebrew faith, I had an innate aversion to the name of Jesus, and although this healing truth appealed to me from the beginning, yet when I read his name in the literature or when it was mentioned to me, it stirred me dreadfully. Now, thank God, I bow my head in humility and submission, and pray that I may be found worthy to follow in his footsteps and that I may reflect more fully that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus," the Exemplar and Wayshower.

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