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[Translated from the German]

As it is often impossible for me to...

From the July 1914 issue of The Christian Science Journal

As it is often impossible for me to attend the Wednesday evening meetings, I would like herewith to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done and is daily doing for me. I feel that we could not dispense with it any more.

Eleven years have elapsed since I first had Christian Science treatment. I knew nothing on the subject then, but the fact that one of our neighbors was healed through its ministration within a short time, induced me to ask for help. My trouble was rheumatism with accompanying symptoms, but I was quickly healed. This was in 1903, at the time when the Herold was first issued, so I subscribed to it in order to gain some understanding of Christian Science, and I have derived great help from reading it. In six months I was enabled with God's help, to study the Lesson-Sermons in English, which up to that time had been impossible, as I could not read the language. I have learned that God is indeed "no respecter of persons." Since then one trouble after another has vanished, and now I am a well and contented woman.

I have gone through deep waters, but Christian Science has helped me under every circumstance. From the start it has been my earnest desire to grasp this saving truth, and I have been enabled to do so. I have also had the privilege of class instruction since, and for this, as well as for the privilege of helping others, I am indeed very grateful.