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[Translated from the German]

My acquaintance with Christian Science...

From the July 1914 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My acquaintance with Christian Science dates back four years, and during all this time I have had frequent opportunity to prove the truth of its teachings. When I took up the study of this religion, our little boy was subject to severe colds whenever I bathed him, until finally I could bathe him but once in two weeks, when the cold would regularly recur. I then began to seek the possible cause of this discordant manifestation, and presently I saw that it resulted from my false attitude of thought. I was indignant at myself for having entertained the error so long, for, as a matter of fact, I had allowed myself to fear and more or less to expect the disturbance whenever I bathed the child. The uncovering of my mental condition, however, led thought into the right channel, with the result that during the years which have since elapsed, the boy has not suffered from these colds.

The most beautiful demonstration I have had the privilege of experiencing thus far, was also in the case of our eldest boy. One day last winter, when he came in from the street, where he had been playing, he was seized with a severe indisposition, but I quietly declared the truth. The boy then asked to go to bed, so I placed him on a chair in order to wash his hands and face. Suddenly he fell back, though I caught him in time, and while I held him in my arms his body became rigid, his face lost all color, and there were other alarming symptoms. I was seized with fear, the more so because I realized that I was alone, for my husband had not returned from business and there were no Scientists in the house. I immediately denied this thought, however, with the declaration that God was with me and He was my support. I laid the child in his bed and continued to affirm God's presence, omnipotence, and love. After a few minutes the boy began to breathe gently, his natural color returned, and he slept quietly. About midnight a high fever set in, and it lasted until morning, but my husband and I knew the powerlessness of evil, and that its manifestation as high temperature was only its last struggle to prevail. This was the case, for by noon every trace of inharmony had disappeared.

As for myself, I have often had the privilege of proving the power of Truth as revealed through Christian Science. One evening I was taken with severe pain in the abdominal region, which increased to such an extent that I seemed unable to declare the truth effectively for myself. My husband then began to treat me, and in a few minutes I went to sleep. When I awoke shortly afterward, I found to my great joy that every vestige of the pain had disappeared. I slept peacefully all night, and was deeply grateful, as well as filled with joy, to find that I was able to take up my work in the morning.