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I wish to express my gratitude for...

From the July 1914 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me and for my family. I was under medical treatment for nine years for severe female trouble. The doctor had given me up and said that I would never be well again. About that time I was asked to try Christian Science, and I did so, with the result that I was quickly healed. Later I was treated for a severe attack of kidney trouble, and was cured in twenty-four hours. Not long after that I had a severe attack of dropsy, but this too was soon met and overcome. Under Christian Science treatment the birth of my last baby, a fine boy, was painless; I experienced no inharmony whatever. I was up in one week, and could have been up immediately after the birth, as there was no sense of weakness. This was the tenth child, and on other occasions I had suffered intense pain for eight or ten days before the birth.

My two-year-old baby was healed of measles in one treatment, and another little girl, eleven years old, was healed of a very badly injured ankle in two treatments. She had not been able to walk, but the discoloration and swelling disappeared quickly. The baby girl had a rising in her ear that was instantly overcome. My little boy of six had a severe attack of malarial fever. He was delirious, but with Christian Science treatment was healed in twelve hours. Another little girl of eight had a severe attack of malarial fever, headache, and excessive bleeding at the nose, but it was all overcome in a few hours.

I am very thankful to God for this healing truth and for the many blessings that have come to me through Christian Science. Words fail me to express my gratitude to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for discovering the way by which we are enabled to realize that man is God's reflection. I hope that some poor sufferer who reads this will gather new courage and strength.—