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Testimonies of Healing

It is with a heart full of thankful...

From the August 1914 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is with a heart full of thankfulness to God that I give my testimony. One of my first healings in Christian Science was in a severe case of throat trouble, which was overcome by reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I was left with a severe headache, however, and had to ask for treatment from a practitioner, but I have never had a return of the ailment from which I had been a chronic sufferer. I did not take up Christian Science for the healing, but for the comfort I found from reading Science and Health. It has never failed in any cases for which I have used it, and I think I have tried it for all kinds of discord for myself and others.

I want to tell of my recovery from severe injury last winter. While crossing the street I was struck with great force by an automobile. I fell forward, striking my face on the car rail. It was not thought that I could be alive, but divine Love was caring for me. The man in the automobile reported to the police station that he had killed a woman. I was taken to a hospital, and three hours later became conscious in time to hear the doctor say, "The skull is fractured." I said it was not so bad as that, but he insisted I did not know, and that it would be many weeks before I could be out.

As soon as possible I asked some one to call up a Christian Science practitioner on the telephone, but did not tell what to say. When the practitioner was told where I was, she said, "I know what she wants." She at once began to treat me, and I was not conscious of any pain after that. At my request I was taken to my home the next day, but for two days I could not move. The morning of the third day I awoke with my head perfectly clear, got up, and went about my home with entire comfort, completely well except for the outward bruises and the stitches, of which there were ten over one eye. The marks of these, however, have now all disappeared.

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