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From the November 1947 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Let not this word be narrowed to define Within its scope only the outward line And attitude of person, motion, art; Nor yet what paganism sets apart Personified in human shape as three Proud deities of Greek mythology; Nor yet what classifying thinking places In groups as social or as mental graces, Meticulously pigeonholed in high Neat finiteness. But let it signify That infinite and single grace which "came By Jesus Christ," triumphant; let it name That wide unmeasured mercy wherewith Truth Rejects the eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth Of callous Pharisaic computation; Let grace describe the tide of demonstration Which flowed unebbingly where Jesus' word, At urgent call of human need, conferred Hearing and sight, activity and peace, For every kind of lack, the quick release Of God's impartial love.