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With a heart filled with gratitude to...

From the October 1949 issue of The Christian Science Journal

With a heart filled with gratitude to Christ Jesus and to Mrs. Eddy, I write this testimony. Christian Science has completely changed my life, and I have become a better woman physically, mentally, and morally. I had never before known what true happiness is. When Christian Science was presented to me by my employer, I was filled with fear, and it was a cross just to keep going, so weak and nervous did I seem to be. My health is now completely restored, the last evidence of weakness having disappeared when I became a member of a branch church.

Within six months of my introduction to Christian Science, I was completely removed from a most inharmonious home condition and was by myself, where I could study in complete freedom. My son was moved from an unhappy environment to a school where all boys attend the Christian Science Sunday School and read the Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly daily.

I have been healed of colds and headaches, instantaneously healed of smoking and drinking, and protected when in an automobile accident; also lost articles have been found. My son obtained an insurance policy which he had been refused less than a year before. When on a walking trip, this son was' attacked by wasps. His face and arms were immediately covered with them, and he said that all he could think of was, "And Love is reflected in love" (Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, p. 17). The situation was so beautifully met that the next day, when I visited him, he had no mark on face or hands to show what had taken place. He was also healed of ringworm overnight.