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Many years ago I first witnessed the...

From the April 1955 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Many years ago I first witnessed the efficacy of Christian Science when my mother was quickly healed of a broken bone in her foot. The family was deeply impressed, as we did not know anything at all about Christian Science at the time, and my mother had tried it only on the recommendation of a loving friend. Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy was purchased, and I read it and thought it very beautiful. However, it was not until about ten years later, when I found myself in dire circumstances, broken in health and with responsibilities more than I could bear, that I remembered Christian Science and turned to it as the only thing left to try.

Since I commenced the daily study of the weekly Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly, enjoying the blessings of church membership and having the benefits of class instruction, healings have been numerous. A complete regeneration in my thinking and of my attitude toward life was the first blessing. Instead of just drifting along, discouraged, from day to day, I felt that I had a purpose and a definite place in God's plan. Many fears began to drop away, and I learned to look to God instead of to person for my supply and well-being. I learned that fear is related to uncertainty, and therefore I studied to be certain of God's care and love for me. This gave me courage, the antidote for fear. I had healings of acne, a sprained ankle, infection of almost the entire leg, burns, periodic grippe, colds, and a pain of long standing in the side. The smoking habit was dispensed with, and grief was overcome.

Early in my study of Science I had to undergo a physical examination and was told that I had a very bad heart. Two months later, after I had decided not to accept a lie about the perfect child of God, I went back and asked for another examination. I was told it would be of no use, but my request was granted. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong with my heart and that he could not understand why such a serious condition had been put on my record card.