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Since taking up the study of Christian Science...

From the April 1955 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Since taking up the study of Christian Science I have relied upon it for everything. I have had numerous healings, physical, mental, and financial. Frequently the physical healings were instantaneous. Two cases of broken bones were healed very quickly without any medical aid. When my son was eleven years old the school doctor and nurse said that he had a carious bone in his leg and should be kept off his feet for at least six months. They also said that one leg would probably be shorter than the other. Through Christian Science he was healed in two weeks. Thereafter he took part in sports and went on long hikes with the Boy Scouts. During World War II he engaged in strenuous drilling without any difficulty whatever.

I could enumerate many cases of physical healings, such as those of tuberculosis, stomach trouble, a growth on the breast, so-called children's diseases, colds, and effects of accidents. But what I want to tell of at this time is the overcoming of lack, which had plagued not only me, but my parents and my grandparents as well. My grandparents, who had descended from generations of wealthy Southerners, had lost all of their wealth in the Civil War. From childhood it had been instilled in me that our family was poor, and we saw in our home much limitation and poverty. Even after taking up the study of Christian Science I suffered more from chronic lack than from any other condition. Many times I felt that I could not continue under the strain. I had help on the problem from practitioners at different times, but the trouble always returned.

One day I was singing Christian Science hymns while washing dishes and felt very much uplifted in my thought. Although I was not thinking at all of the problem, the thought came, "Procrastination." I went on with my dishes, and in a few minutes the message came again, "Procrastination." Still I gave no heed. When it came the third time, however, I was awakened. "What am I doing?" I asked myself; "God is speaking to me, and I am not listening." I stopped my work, went to a dictionary, and looked up the word procrastination. The first definition was, "To put off from day to day."

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