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From the November 1958 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"AS he thinketh in his heart, so is he" was the observation made of a man in Proverbs (23:7). For generations, men have pondered it with varying degrees of understanding. Today many are learning that what one establishes within his own thinking, he inevitably sees expressed in his experience.

As God's spiritual ideas, we all have infinite possibilities. Humanly we appear to live in a universe which is just as large as our vision. To illustrate: Three men were requested to go into the forest, look at a certain tree, and report their findings. The first man was a botanist. He examined the tree carefully and reported, "Quercus alba," meaning "white oak." The second man was a poet. He admired the tree from several angles and said, "The mighty monarch of the forest." The third man was a lumberman. He measured the tree and reported, "Fifteen thousand board feet." Each man was talking about the same tree, yet each had his individual concept of it.

In Christian Science we learn that God, good, is the only cause and creator and that His creation, man, is constituted of spiritual ideas and is never confined to matter or constrained by human limitations. This true concept of God and of man as His reflection is the one that must be held in thought if we would maintain spiritual dominion.