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As I contemplate the blessings that have...

From the March 1964 issue of The Christian Science Journal

As I contemplate the blessings that have been mine through the study of Christian Science, I see what a guide and support it has been all my life through every type of human problem. When we were children and a crisis arose, my mother, a faithful student of Science, would call for the "Love Books"—the Bible, together with Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy—and we would study and try to understand the truth of the situation. In this way all our problems were solved.

After my marriage, I neglected my studies and spent two years in a mental wilderness. I suffered pain and ill health and was finally carried off to hospital for a surgical operation. It seemed I was a complete failure as a Christian Scientist, and for months I was unable to open my Bible. The operation was for the removal of the gall bladder. Although this cured the bouts of very severe pain, I was never well.

About two years later I suffered for ten weeks or so from severe diarrhea. I consulted a specialist, and the trouble was diagnosed as toxic hepatitis. At this point, an acquaintance sent me a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel with the message, "You seem to be having a struggle— read this!" I was obedient, and that was the turning point. I went away from my home and my family for a week and stayed with a dear friend who left me to study Science in peace. I read the Acts of the Apostles to try and find out how they followed Jesus' directions. The apostles preached the gospel and healed the sick wherever they went, and it became absolutely clear to me that Christian Science is the way of Life, which follows implicitly these directions.