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Incurability: A Lie About Life

From the June 1974 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When one awakes to the divine authority by which man lives, he will no longer fear that disease can kill him, and the myth of incurability will be disproved.

In Christian Science one learns that there is no life in matter, for Life is God. Therefore man's individual life, reflecting the divine Life, is an orderly unfoldment of harmonious activity. On the other hand, whatever represents the unintelligent, undisciplined, disintegrating force of disease and death must be ruled out of our understanding of Life, for such so-called action could never proceed from the loving creator.

The belief in incurability stems solely from the false belief that life is in matter instead of in God, Spirit. The label of incurability is placed on certain conditions by a system of healing that mistakenly treats matter as cause and disease as effect. The treatment is as material as the diagnosis, and they combine as an aggressive hoax, a belief enforced by a mortal mind convinced of its own reality. To control the condition of their bodies and produce health, men need to understand that matter is but the subjective state of mortal mind.