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There Is a Way Out!

From the June 1974 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It was a Sunday afternoon on a highway out West. I was en route to California. Suddenly I found myself stuck in a long line of halted automobiles whose occupants were outside, impatiently, indignantly pacing up and down. Due to roadwork the delay might be an hour or more.

This was my day for continuous driving to keep an appointment in Los Angeles. Mentally I joined the grumblers. How dare the highway department upset my timetable!

Gradually, however, self-pity and self-righteousness gave way to gratitude. I thought, "They're working on Sunday to give me a smoother ride. Now, what can I be doing that's useful?" The thought came, "I can mark next week's Lesson-SermonChristian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons; citations in my Bible, and in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, and make up the traveling time tomorrow." I did the marking, and just as I finished, the flagman waved us through.