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Revelation and Responsibility

From the September 1975 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When we read in the history books of the people whose lives illumine the past, we may well be filled not only with gratitude for their contribution to human progress but with awe as we recognize the courage and steadfastness many of them expressed. Through the years, reformers, inventors, educators, philanthropists, leaders in government and religion, have not only caught the vision of some advanced concept of truth and life that others did not have before, but they have cherished and promoted it with single-minded fidelity, so that society could know of it and thereby benefit.

Paradoxically, though, human thought is so prone to be fixed in the traditional that the success of these men and women often did not come easily. The world's progress had to be bought with the price of their consistent and persistent effort.

In our present time, as the revolutionary understanding of God's eternally perfect, spiritual kingdom, and His reign of universal justice and harmony, are progressively coming to light in the lives of individuals, there is no reason to assume that the demands upon today's luminaries are any less exacting. It often happens that when through study of this Science someone has gained a glimpse of a spiritual idea of divine Truth that is new to most of humanity he knows how valuable it is because it healed him. His immediate reaction is to tell the whole world of it and try to explain what a blessing it could be. But, surprisingly, he often finds the world is unreceptive. It doesn't want to hear.

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