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The Elevation of Woman

From the September 1975 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Each of us has a potential for limitless expression of infinite Life. This potential seems hidden from us by the false belief that being is matter. And the mind of this belief, mortal mind, divides its living creation into males and females, who depend upon sex for the reproduction and continuity of life.

But what we see in nature as sexual attraction and sexual reproduction to perpetuate life is an inverted, material sense of the ever-appearing, self-revealing qualities of the one Mind, Spirit, God. The inspired writer of the first chapter of Genesis perceived the true creation in which male and female characterize the idea, or offspring, of infinite Spirit. He saw man as God's creation, made "in the image of God . . .; male and female created he them." Gen. 1:27; Christian Science teaches us to look in every instance beyond the materially natural to the spiritual, complete idea of the divine Mind. When we do, we discern the spiritual universe, where divine Principle, Love, not sexuality, is the Spirit that motivates, vitalizes, and perpetuates the true creation.

In the illusion of material creation, the male of the species usually dominates the female. But this sense of man is a counterfeit—a bad one—of the divine idea. Man in God's image is not divided into sexes. Each individual expression of the one Spirit, God, reflects God's father-motherhood. Mary Baker Eddy writes: "The life-giving quality of Mind is Spirit, not matter. The ideal man corresponds to creation, to intelligence, and to Truth. The ideal woman corresponds to Life and to Love." Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 517;

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