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[First in a series of articles dealing with the relationships of Christian Science and the world of learning.]

Christian Scientists in Academic Life

From the January 1977 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"Truth is revealed. It needs only to be practised." Science and Health, p. 174; So writes Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health.

Perhaps no statement better summarizes the basis for action and purpose for endeavor of Christian Scientists in any field. Our basis is divine revelation itself, the very Word of God. Our purpose is to demonstrate what the Word has revealed: the spiritual fact of being. No matter what the Christian Scientist's particular practical activity, if he is to be a Christian Scientist, his main work is to practice the truth that the divine Word has revealed in Christian Science.

Though this statement holds true for Christian Scientists in every occupation, there is reason today to give particular attention to the role of Christian Scientists in academic life. Not that academic life is inherently more important, more prestigious, or more spiritually significant than other areas of activity, for we know the power of Truth must eventually leaven every phase of experience. But at the present time, academic life has such potential significance, both for good and ill, for mankind's spiritual development that it requires earnest and intensive consideration.