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We Need Not Be Helpless

From the January 1977 issue of The Christian Science Journal

An important step in overcoming human conflicts is to understand the absolute unity of God, divine Mind, and man, His perfect reflection, as well as to recognize the illusory nature of matter and its effects. The truth that man is spiritually at one with God is a basis for proving this fact in everyday life.

When we cherish in thought the true concept of man, we increasingly see spiritual qualities reflected by our fellowmen and by ourselves. Further, we find we need never entertain thoughts of ourselves or of others as victims of, or witnesses to, helplessness, hate, errors, faults, mistakes, and resentment. Man is not a victim of helplessness or discord because inharmony is not the real status of man.

Regardless of the illusions of mortal discord, to reason correctly one starts from the standpoint of man's spiritual perfection. Through prayer one can then erase from thought the false suggestion that man expresses any form of evil. When, in this way, one knows scientifically what is spiritually true and acknowledges the unerring government of infinite Principle, conditions, things, and individuals will in some degree respond with harmony.