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It surely was a wonderful...

From the October 1993 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It surely was a wonderful, blessed day when Christian Science came into my life. Our whole family benefited greatly from this new way of life. My dad was eventually healed of smoking and heavy drinking; my mother received much of her education through the study of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. The healings that followed involved cases of broken bones, deafness, third-degree burns, poisoning, and lost articles, to name a few.

Several years ago I became unable to move my arms; I could not bathe, dress, or comb my hair. I spent many sleepless nights and would get discouraged, especially when the weeks of discomfort increased to months. But I remembered that Christian Science had always helped and healed me, and I knew it would meet my need now to be able to move naturally and normally. I understood that any impairment is an illusion because it is not of God, good, and therefore is not true or real.

From time to time I had the prayerful help of a dedicated Christian Science practitioner. My husband of forty-five years is also a Christian Scientist and was of tremendous help to me at this time. Much spiritual growth followed as I turned to the Christian Science pastor, the Bible and Science and Health, as never before and found a beautiful sense of God's tender love and constant care.