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Writing to heal

Getting out the message of Christianity challenges each new generation of the followers of Christ Jesus. Our works—the living of the message—reach out to those looking for answers. But along with the works come necessary words—words that recount, introduce, explore, expound, explain, and put on record the power of Truth in our lives.

Today when we hear the call "preach the gospel to every creature," how do we respond? This column offers perspectives from a variety of individuals who have responded by writing. Yet the column isn't so much about writing as it is about the healing activity of making the Word of God known and felt.

"Why write?"

From the December 1994 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I've been asked, "Why do you write for the Christian Science periodicals?" Well, I suppose there have been times when I really did think that I was trying to do the writing on my own. And many of those efforts ended in rejections and the expenditure of much time that didn't result in publication.