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For over forty years now I...

From the August 1995 issue of The Christian Science Journal

For over forty years now I have relied on Christian Science, and have been blessed with several wonderful healings: of a bone fracture in an arm in two days; of shingles, overnight; of a sprained ankle in a few hours; and of other ailments. These healings all came through study of the Bible, together with the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health.

Almost three years ago I was having an eye test for reading glasses; there was no deterioration in my vision, but I was told I had cataracts. I at once denied this by recalling what the textbook says on page 463: "A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive." I resolved to pray about this, knowing that disease was not the truth about me, a child of God; cataracts were just part of the human belief that man is material and subject to evil. This belief must be eradicated, and I must recognise only my perfection as God's image and likeness.

Eighteen months later, on another visit to the optician, I again was told there was no change in vision, but that there were still cataracts. I realised I must know God more, and continue to recognise my real identity as His perfect expression. I had never been separated from Him, and so I was never in the presence of evil. I constantly reminded myself that I was not subject to matter, but subject only to God. My being was in God. This kept my thought spiritualized, and corrected erroneous beliefs about myself that tried to enter my thought.