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Appreciating one hundred years of spiritual insight and healing

In January we began a series in appreciation of the Journal's contribution to the twentieth century. This month we reprint an article and two testimonies from the period 1951-1960. The article shows the profound practicality of understanding the Lord's Prayer in its spiritual meaning. In this understanding we find the remedy for disease, failure, lack, racial conflict. The testimonies illustrate the power of Christian Science in healing a wide range of troubles, from disease to smoking and drinking habits to the effects of an accident.


The coincidence of the human and divine

From the June 2000 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The Lord's Prayer embodies the revelation of the human and divine coincidence. This coincidence is an important point in the theology of Christian Science, for in revealing the allness of God, Christian Science reveals the nothingness of matter and declares with infallible logic that all that exists here, now, everywhere, is God and His idea.

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