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From the September 2006 issue of The Christian Science Journal

AN EPILEPTIC CHILD HEALED. A woman restored to health after 12 years of hemorrhaging. A man born blind sees for the first time. A deformed hand completely healed. Jesus performed these and many other healings a couple of thousand years ago through understanding the nature of God, Spirit, and that we are made in the likeness of Spirit. Today similar spiritual healings continue to take place, many recorded in this and other Christian Science magazines. Healings like these can't help but make one challenge long-accepted theories about the nature of matter itself.

In fact, today scientists are questioning theories about matter more than ever before, including the big bang theory about creation. For example, in an article a few years ago in the magazine Natural History, physicist Alan H. Guth noted: ". . . the big bang theory has never really been the theory of a bang at all. It describes the aftermath of a bang—the ongoing ballooning of space itself as the matter of the universe flies apart. But the theory says nothing about what caused this spectacular expansion. It gives not even a clue about what banged, what caused it to bang, or what happened before it banged" ("Genesis: The Sequel," February 2000).

The million-dollar question then is: What banged? In order for the material universe to "bang," matter in some form would already need to be in existence. But how could matter be created out of nothing? Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered the Science of being, posed similar questions: "The Scientist asks, Whence came the first seed, and what made the soil? Was it molecules, or material atoms? Whence came the infinitesimals,—from infinite Mind, or from matter? If from matter, how did matter originate? Was it self-existent? Matter is not intelligent, and thus able to evolve or create itself: it is the very opposite of Spirit, intelligent, self-creative, and infinite Mind. The belief of mind in matter is pantheism. Natural history shows that neither a genus nor a species produces its opposite. God is All, in all. What can be more than All? Nothing: and this is just what I call matter, nothing" (Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, p. 26).

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