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From the September 2006 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN INSPIRED by accounts in the Bible of Jesus' marvelous healing work. His theology presents good as the only reality. My path to a fuller understanding of this fact has come through the study of Science and Health, which explains the divine laws, or Science, underlying Jesus' healings. It teaches that these laws are fully operational today, and it explains how to prove these laws in our lives.

One Sunday morning last year, I awoke knowing something wasn't right physically. I was unable to get out of bed without nausea, dizziness, and the sensation that I was losing consciousness. It was not time for my monthly period, yet I had lost a great deal of blood. I tried not to panic, and turned to God in prayer as I always have. With a track record of consistent healing based on spiritual means alone going back five generations in my family, it was natural for me to turn the situation over to God, my Physician and healer.

The first step was to quell my fear by claiming my exemption from disease and danger. "Be not afraid" is the command Jesus often gave. I reasoned, If God, the all-knowing, all-powerful force of good in my life is always present, then sickness or anything life-threatening is never present. The 23rd Psalm reassured me, "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life" (verse 6). A certainty that I live in God and am spiritual at every moment began to replace the fear that my life could be disrupted or extinguished by loss of blood. I prayed to accept the Bible's promise that we have the "mind of Christ" (I Cor. 2:16), which gives us the ability to recognize anything unlike God's goodness and perfection as being unreal and untrue.

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