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From the September 2006 issue of The Christian Science Journal

OFTEN WE SEEM TO LIVE in a disturbed, troubled world—with troubled governments, wars, shaky economies, natural disasters. The list goes on. Current events can get to us, so it's understandable that we want to find peace of mind. Christian Science opens up endless approaches to achieving it. First of all, peace is a mental state.

Scientifically viewed, there's only one event in the universe, not a series of disparate, random events. What is this one event? God manifesting His perpetual allness. And this divine allness can't be split into troubling mortal events. The reality is that there is no plurality of happenings, just the one. In that one divine occurrence—the entire universe created, maintained, and unfolding as one happening—there is simply no room, no opportunity, for other conditions. No room for alien occurrences—just the unending allness of God's goodness.

There are significant consequences from this truth for each of us. Man, as God's complete, intact reflection, doesn't have an episodic life—episode after episode, some more concerning than others. True man is ever the undimmed, radiant reflection of undying Life, another term for God. The spiritual awareness of this fact assures matchless tranquility. Ideal man or woman, imaging God, which is the actual self of each of us, is not a personal being, processing through mortal doings, one after the other, day after day. Rather, God's spiritual reflection enjoys the unruffled flow of pacific impersonal being. That's not boring! How could it be, since this spiritual, vibrant identity embraces the rainbow-color and dynamism of ever-fresh divine Life, God. No eruptions of material concerns there! No challenge to our divine right to peace of mind.

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