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An approach to healing that requires coming out from materialism—and being willing to be different.

From the June 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal

IS CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOMETHING THAT CAN BE SPOILED by less than perfect people and the complex pressures of changing times?

The truth is that however badly something seems to have sidetracked someone's intuition of good or interfered with the desire to follow Christian Science, neither God nor man, who is the creation of God, have been compromised. They're always there to be found. What human beings do can never actually result in placing themselves somewhere "outside" the kingdom of God. The obscuring that sin produces in human consciousness may well delay our finding that out. But our discovery of the wondrous new realm of divine Love, and its healing effects, is inevitably going to continue.

• A few years after completing Christian Science class instruction, a man fell back into the attitudes of an earlier lifestyle. Two of his friends died as a result of drug abuse, and he was grief-stricken. He quit working. He raged against God. He spent all his savings on some of the most dangerous and illegal drugs of the time. But in addition to having broken most of the rules of Christian Science living and practice, he then broke the law three times while under the influence of drugs. Each instance happened to involve police officers as witnesses, so he was arrested and went to court, facing possible jail time.