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Your Insights

In these pages we’ve gathered several shorter items—articles a page or less in length and excerpts from longer manuscripts that offer useful, inspiring insights. We hope you enjoy this kind of short-form nourishment in each issue. 

'...and the Word was God.'

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The word God is such a tiny simple word, and yet if we think of all it implies, the immensity of what we behold is so tremendous that we stand in awe at what we see.

I certainly stood in awe when I found myself in a life-threatening situation one extremely cold, dark winter’s evening. I was driving into the city to pick up a fellow board member on the way to an executive board meeting of the branch church of Christ, Scientist, where we are members. 

I had already driven home up the same country road earlier, but when I drove down toward my destination to pick up my passenger less than an hour later, I was totally unaware that black ice had formed since my earlier journey.