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Spiritual Journey

Coming home to faith

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When an earthquake occurs, whole buildings can be shaken off of their foundations and collapse. So, it also seems we can be shaken when disaster touches our lives and rocks us to the very core. Recently, I learned that friends had experienced such an event, which caused in them a total denial of the faith systems that had given them comfort and healing for generations.

I could relate to this experience, as I remembered events in my own past. Growing up, I always loved visits from my grandmother, a strong matriarch and devoted student of Christian Science. During one visit, Grandma became ill, and although she was relying on prayer for healing, her health did not improve. Concerned family members insisted on medical care and we took her to an area hospital. Grandma passed on the same day. 

Her passing was a blow to all of us, and some family members felt that she should have received medical care earlier. Their feelings were understandable, but my mother responded with love and an even greater dedication to her study of Christian Science. As a result, many in our family continued to practice Christian Science and experience spiritual healing.