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Doubt dissolved, stomach pain vanishes

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I’ve had so many healings in Christian Science that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say they would fill a book. But I especially want to express gratitude for the healing of a sudden, completely unexpected physical difficulty. 

I had studied Christian Science for seven or eight years when I decided it was time to take class instruction to further my understanding of Christian Science healing. I was led to the perfect teacher for me. The days spent in class uplifted my thought and my sense of well-being and God’s care for me to a level that I can only call the epitome of joy. It was on my ride home from the last day of class instruction that this healing occurred.

As I started my two-hour drive, I was beaming with the knowledge that led me to a new understanding of God as simply all there is and of my unbreakable connection to Him.