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Your Insights

In these pages we’ve gathered several shorter items—articles a page or less in length and excerpts from longer manuscripts that offer useful, inspiring insights. We hope you enjoy this kind of short-form nourishment in each issue. 

Expecting good

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I enjoyed a career in real estate for many years, in which my daily study of the Christian Science Bible Lesson played a big part. 

At one time, one of my clients found a house that she felt would be much more suitable than the apartment she owned. The home had just come on the market, was very desirable to many, and she wanted to act quickly and put an offer in to buy it.

A price was agreed upon and she had two months to come up with the full amount of money, which would complete the sale transaction. We immediately put her home on the market. We both felt confident that it would sell quickly. I held open houses every weekend and the home was shown many times during the week. But after a month or so, without much activity or even a hint of an offer, my client phoned me in a state of panic and discouragement. She worried that her place might not sell. I spoke to her calmly and tried to bring some peace to her thought.