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Symptoms of illness disappear when fear is conquered

From the February 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Mary Baker Eddy realized that an underlying cause of disease is fear. In Science and Health she wrote, “The cause of all so-called disease is mental, a mortal fear, a mistaken belief or conviction of the necessity and power of ill-health; . . .” (p. 377).  

The Bible also gives many references to overcoming fear, and teaches that knowing God as Love brings comfort and healing. However, I have to admit that at different times in my life, getting rid of fear or even realizing that I was afraid has been challenging. Still, it’s been the removal of fear that has always paved the way for healing. 

One such time was in the spring of 2010. Early one morning I started to become ill and felt the illness progress throughout the day. I felt aches and pains all over my body, and just a general feeling of ill health. At first, I prayed very little over the situation, dismissing it as something that would just quickly disappear.