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Humanity's Quest for Health

Jesus spoke compassionately of the public of his time as “sheep not having a shepherd” (Mark 6:34). His times and ours aren’t that different​​ ​as ​humanity’s​ quest for health goes on. Today, Christian Science Committees on Publication around the world are writing articles geared toward a public dialogue and an awareness of the connection between thought and health. This article by Russ Gerber, Manager of Committees on Publication, was written for the Journal. The one that follows, by Tony Lobl, District Manager of the Committees on Publication for Great Britain and Ireland, is the first in a series of Committee articles from media around the world, which the Journal will be reprinting in this column.

Toward a healthy world

From the July 2013 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The brief messaging back and forth predated Twitter by a couple of millennia, yet one can imagine the ancient exchange as a modern-day Tweet. Jesus is walking along and notices that he has a couple of followers.