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Questions & Answers

Why has the Church reduced spending instead of using funds to expand programs?

From the September 2013 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Q: At this year’s Annual Meeting, the Christian Science Board of Directors reported $632 million of Mother Church funds on hand (see p. 12). That seems like a lot. So, why has the Church reduced spending instead of using these funds to expand programs?

A: The Board and I steward The Mother Church’s finances by following “God’s Requirement” of “wisdom, economy, and brotherly love” (Mary Baker Eddy, Church Manual, p. 77). It’s wonderful how these qualities complement each other. The balance they represent guides us in managing Church funds in ways that not only respond to today’s needs, but also support the Church’s ongoing responsibilities into the future. 

As overall contributions have declined with a smaller membership, we’ve reduced spending to keep it proportional with our income. This balanced approach is reflected by our financial performance over the past six years. Despite a global financial crisis, total Church funds have generally been maintained around $500 million, while still carrying out vital Church activities. Demonstrating financial discipline is a defense against the carnal mind’s attempts to use financial distress to distract and divide our Church family. Dominion over our finances blesses the entire movement.