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Always in our comfort zone

From the September 2013 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Sometimes it may seem  that we are forced (or led) into situations that may cause us to feel out of our element or comfort zone. This can often be good, as we have an opportunity to embrace new things and are challenged to grow. Other times it can seem frightening and cause us to feel uncertain about ourselves and doubt if we are up to the task. But can we really ever be separated from God or lack anything? No, not for an instant, because either God is all-presence and all-power, or He is not. 

Once we come face to face with this realization, the butterflies, fear, or nervous sweat stops, and we are brought into alignment with Mind, which informs us of what we need to know in a current situation; with Principle, which guides us and keeps us safe; with Soul, which enlightens us with the perfect qualities and ideas we need to express in this new situation; with Truth, which informs us with right thinking and acting; with Life, which invigorates and energizes us; with Spirit, which gives us strength; and with Love, which provides comfort and compassion to handle any situation we face. These seven synonyms, or names, for God help define God for us in those tough moments and bring a calmness to the situation.

When I was a college sophomore, I decided to transfer, because of my major, from a smaller nurturing college in Illinois, which I loved, to a larger, more diverse university in Virginia. I had been there only a few weeks when a growth appeared on my neck. I had just had Christian Science class instruction the summer before, and I prayed as I had been taught to do. The growth became noticeable and alarming to my roommates despite my best efforts to conceal it. My parents came to visit me and thought it was best to bring me home. My father suggested that perhaps we should see a doctor at the university that I was attending, which was well known for its medical facilities. After we’d seen numerous specialists, no conclusions were reached, although surgery was suggested as an option.