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In support of the Church’s global mission

From the May 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Through the years, in its many interviews, the Journal has shined a light on areas of particular interest to our readers. As you read through this May issue, you’ll hear from some of them, including three in Australia, India, and England who have contributed an article or testimony. They provide a glimpse, through their heartfelt accounts of prayer and healing, of the spiritual vitality in the international fields of The First Church of Christ, Scientist—The Mother Church—in Boston.

Elisabeth Schwartz, Manager of International Communications for The Mother Church, and her co-workers in the International Service Department are dedicated to assisting these international fields in any way they can. We hope the following exchange will give you a sense of the full scope of their selfless work.

Elisabeth, Christian Scientists live, and practice their faith, the world over. So, it’s not surprising that The Mother Church would have a group that focuses on the unique needs of our international field. What is its specific purpose?