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Rotation in office

From the January 2020 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Dear Friends,

Our beloved colleague Margaret Rogers, CSB, who has immeasurably benefited this Board and our Church, will be rotating off the Christian Science Board of Directors at the end of November. Margaret’s spiritual insight, grace, and trust in God’s working out of all things are evident to those who know her. She has thoughtfully served the Board of Directors over a decade, maintaining a calm and healing continuity—as well as a refreshing wit—throughout the many steps needed to follow Mind’s leading. In listening for Love’s impelling, she is now leaving the Board to return to her home field in the Bay Area of California.

After graduating from college, Margaret trained to be a Christian Science nurse, and she has never stopped nursing—caring selflessly—wherever Christ-healing has been needed. Her varied roles include Christian Science practitioner since 1981 and Christian Science teacher ten years later. Margaret served as Second Reader of The Mother Church from June 1992 to 1995. In addition, she has been a Christian Science lecturer, Associate Editor of the Christian Science periodicals, frequent contributor to those publications, Trustee of The Christian Science Publishing Society, and more. We know her thoughtful contributions to the Cause will no more cease than winds on the California coast.