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Protected from ill effects after chemical exposure

From the January 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Originally published in Spanish

I would like to share an experience I had a few years ago, when I was making arrangements to visit my father-in-law in another city with my husband and children. Taking advantage of the fact that we would be away from home for a few days, my husband and I decided to fumigate outside around the perimeter of our house, a task I had performed before on several occasions.

The car was packed and everyone was ready to leave, so I had to fumigate quickly and get in the car. However, things did not go as planned. I went into our utility room to pour the chemical solution into our tank sprayer, and since I had little time, I added only half the required amount of water, which resulted in a more concentrated chemical solution than normal. (Also, I didn’t put on protective gloves because I had run out of them.) Then I pumped air into the tank several times to pressurize it for spraying, and pressed the trigger to test the spray. But the minute I pressed the trigger, the hose came loose from the tank and the chemical solution splashed onto my face, hands, and body, and also onto the utility room floor.

The instructions for using the product said that if the poison came into contact with your eyes, you should go to a hospital immediately. I was overwhelmed with fear, and I thought, “We cannot go on our trip.” However, at this critical moment, I heard the quieting and comforting words “Fear not” touch my heart, and I felt divine Love’s—God’s—sheltering presence with me there.

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