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"For some reason best known to themselves, the translators...

From the February 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The Kabbalah Unveiled

"For some reason best known to themselves, the translators of the Bible have carefully crowded out of existence and smothered up every reference to the fact that the Deity is both masculine and feminine. They have translated a feminine plural by a masculine singular in the case of the word Elohim—they have, however, left an inadvertent admission of their knowledge that it was plural, in Genesis 1: 26, 'And Elohim said, Let us make man.' And again (verse 27,) how could Adam be made in the image of Elohim, male and female, unless the Elohim were male and female also? The word Elohim is a plural formed from a feminine singular noun Eloh—by adding ... a termination customarily used for the masculine plural. It therefore gives to the word Elohim the sense of a female potency united to a masculine idea, and thereby capable of producing an offspring. Now we hear much of the Father and the Son, but we never hear anything of the Mother in the ordinary religions of the day. But in the Kabbalah we find that the Ancient of Days conforms himself simultaneously into the Father and Mother and thus begets the Son —now this Mother is Elohim. Again, we are usually told that the Holy Spirit is masculine. But the word—Ruach —is feminine, as appears from the following passage of the Sepher Yetzirah, 'A Chat [feminine, not masculine] Ruach Elohim Chiim—One is she, the Spirit of the Elohim of Life.'"

"The Kabbalah Unveiled"

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