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[Translated from the German]

In 1910 I heard of Christian Science...

From the August 1914 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In 1910 I heard of Christian Science through a lady with whom I was acquainted. I attended a Wednesday evening meeting, but did not seem to grasp much of what I heard. The following year, in the latter part of February, I became afflicted with inflammation of the left eye. Having relied entirely on what is called "nature-cure" during a period of thirty years, after I had had very sad experiences in allopathy, I immediately turned to the method of cure which had formerly brought me relief. This time, however, it failed me, and after a week the inflammation became aggravated, with pain constantly increasing. An experienced nature-cure physician made an examination, and the course of treatment proscribed was changed several times as the trouble increased. I followed the prescriptions conscientiously, yet my eye became worse. I used all kinds of remedies, still I suffered excruciating pain day and night, and had little rest, while those who saw me seemed to regard my case as hopeless; indeed, they thought I would lose the sight of that eye. Six months had elapsed in the mean while, and I now had a leading specialist in Berlin make an examination. His diagnosis coincided with that of the other physician, and lie advised an immediate operation as the only possible means of obtaining relief.

Upon reaching home I wrung my hands in utter despair, and from the depths of my heart cried to God for help. Then the words "Christian Science" suddenly came to my remembrance. I at once wrote to the lady who had called my. attention to this teaching, and to my great joy she herself came to me the next day. She said in a tone of full conviction and trust in God, "You need not doubt one moment, for your eye will be restored;" and she gave me the name of a Christian Science practitioner, whom I went to see, and who took care of me in the kindest way and strove to explain the truth, for which I feel greatly indebted to her. She asked me why I kept my eye bandaged, to which I answered that I could not "endure it otherwise. She then said, "If you hold in thought that God is light, it will not hurt you." I took off the bandage hesitatingly. The dazzling light of the sun was pouring into the room, yet I was able to look up as with a normal eye! After I returned home, the eye which had been inflamed presented a very much improved appearance. I am not saying too much in stating that this day was the happiest in my life. Complete healing followed within a few weeks, and words fail to express my gratitude for this wonderful experience.

During the last year also I have had many proofs of the power of divine Love. With the help of a Christian Science practitioner I was healed of a severe attack of illness, catarrh of the stomach, acute lung trouble, and deafness. On several occasions when the fever became very high, I was tempted to have a compress applied, but as I resisted the temptation and worked along the lines of Christian Science, the fever would quickly abate.

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